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August 2022 (Fort Wayne, IN)- In August, we have had the absolute pleasure of bringing on a few new DAC family members! Kris Wise and Jennifer Norris-Hale are joining the DAC team in various roles! Kris will be overseeing the BRAVE Center as well as the BRAVE Alliance and Jen has now officially been funded through IDOH and gets to work with DAC on Mission:Motherhood!

We will be posting their bios on the Meet The Team page soon.

July 2022 (Fort Wayne,IN)- DAC applied for the Community Catalyst Grant and we are now able to announce that we have received it!


Over the next year, we will be working hard to organize and open Fort Wayne's very first LGBTQIA+ center for youth and young adults. We plan on a grand opening for Pride in 2023.


We know our community has needed a safe, welcoming, affirming place for LGBTQIA+ youth to come together. Fort Wayne's BRAVE Center will have resources such as therapists, substance use education and overdose prevention materials, and many other exciting things to be announced.

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November 2021

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Indiana (July 7, 2021) – The FSSA Pregnancy Promise Program is now accepting referrals. Below, you will find a letter from FSSA’s Chief Medical Officer, along with outreach materials provided in both English and Spanish. The poster and flyer contain information about the Pregnancy Promise Program, who can participate in the program, and how to make a referral. Thank you for your interest in this effort. Together, we can offer the promise of a better future for mothers and infants across the State.

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