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March 2022- In an effort to more clearly delineate the DAC team's roles, MaryClare Clark, formerly known as our Executive Director, will now go by the title of CEO. MaryClare remains the fearless leader of our team here at DAC in the same position she has had since 2018, but will now brandish the title of Chief Executive Officer.

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November 2021

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Indiana (July 7, 2021) – The FSSA Pregnancy Promise Program is now accepting referrals. Below, you will find a letter from FSSA’s Chief Medical Officer, along with outreach materials provided in both English and Spanish. The poster and flyer contain information about the Pregnancy Promise Program, who can participate in the program, and how to make a referral. Thank you for your interest in this effort. Together, we can offer the promise of a better future for mothers and infants across the State.

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